Theraputic and Emotional Support for Girls in the Jewish Community



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Everyone has different interests and talents and, at Noa, we want to give everyone a chance to find and develop those.  It may be a hobby you enjoy or a new skill you would like to learn or even activities that test your limits. Noa has a number of programmes to help you do this. 
Life can get busy, competitive and pressured and sometimes it’s good to do something completely for yourself, for fun. At the same time, learning a few skills on the way can give you a new sense of purpose, renewed energy and empowerment to face the challenges and decisions in your life with strength and confidence. Equally, some of our programmes are there to provide a little extra help with areas you might be struggling with in a more relaxed environment to enable you to succeed.

Our programmes include:

Therapeutic cooking

Whether you know your soufflé from your quiche or can’t tell the difference between a whisk and a spatula, cooking is a great creative outlet and a relaxing and fun activity.  You can learn the art of decorative cupcakes, miniatures, sushi making or any other dish to wow people with.  Alternatively, you can prepare nutritious and enjoyable meals to eat hot out of the oven or to keep in the freezer which may be particularly helpful if you are living away from home or have responsibility for food preparation.  In any event, the ability to plan and prepare one’s own meals is an important practical step for independence, a fundamental aim at Noa. 


School (or college) can take up the majority of our time in adolescence. Studying, revising, exams; if these feel like a never ending battle you are not alone. A lot of people struggle with academic study, it can be overwhelming and lead to anxiety and a feeling of failure. Whether you have a learning difficulty (known or undiagnosed), or you missed school for prolonged periods due to illness, family situation or other causes or you just haven’t ‘got it’, a little extra help can make a huge difference to your ability to catch up or keep up with your class.

Noa offers one-to one tutoring in the subjects you need. In some cases, the tutoring programme can mean the difference between leaving school empty handed with  feelings of ‘failure’ and moving onto higher education or vocational training and, ultimately, financial independence and wider life choices. 

Some of the tutoring is done within Noa through mentors or volunteers and is generously funded by Jewish Child’s Day. We are also grateful to the Gateways programmes, whose collaboration in many cases, makes access to tutoring possible. 

In-house gym

Our in-house gym is always popular, and it’s easy to see why. Many of our girls struggle with weight and body image issues and who doesn’t make the occasional resolution to become a little more active (even if we don’t always follow through). Exercise is also great for producing endorphins and giving that ‘pick me up’ feeling, fighting mood disorders or just a bad day. However, joining a gym can be inconvenient or expensive. The Noa gym enables you to access equipment in a women only and private environment. We help you set targets you can meet and challenges to stretch you. We also offer dance classes and other exercise options for those who prefer other types of activities. 

Creative and therapeutic art

The different forms of expression are as varied and individual as people themselves. Through our art programme you can choose numerous mediums and techniques in visual art to express yourself, or just let loose and have fun.  Whether it is graffiti, crayon art, mindfulness art, sculpture, painting or photography, take a chance to explore both creative skills and your feelings at your own level and pace. For many girls it is a chance to put thoughts, fears or experiences into tangible form for the first time.  Some of our girls discover or refine talents and skills leading to exhibition of work in a public forum. Or simply take the chance to escape and put aside the chaos and pressures of daily life for a brief period of time.