Theraputic and Emotional Support for Girls in the Jewish Community

The Team.


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Director & Founder

Naomi Lerer

Noa Girls is under the direction of director, Naomi Lerer, who established Noa in 2009 after 14 years of working with adolescents in the Jewish community.  Naomi holds two MAs, one in Psychodynamic Approaches to Working with Adolescents (Tavistock) and an MA in Child, Adolescent and Family Psychological Therapy (Tavistock) as well as a BA (Hons) Business (Manchester Metropolitan University). Naomi has also been invited to be a participant on the prestigious Senior Leader Women and Girls sector programme with Clore Social Leadership.


Ahuva Jay,  Sharon Green, Michal Noe and Emma-Jane Weider

Noa’s 3 founding trustees, Ahuva Jay, Sharon Green and Michal Noe, have been with Noa from the beginning, growing the organisation with a budget of £15,000 providing support to just 8 girls to our current service which assists 87 girls.  Emma-Jane who joined the team in 2018 brings her professional experience as a top trusts and charities solicitor with her to our dedicated Board. Each trustee provides invaluable support towards furthering Noa’s vision of making long-lasting changes for our girls and their future families. 

Rabbinical Guidance

Rabbi Shimon Winegarten

Noa is under the auspices of Rabbi Winegarten who gives rabbinical guidance where necessary.

The Staff

We have a dedicated professional staff including 4 clinical managers and 11 key workers all of whom are highly qualified in the therapeutic field. Together with the director, our managing staff now consists of a clinical psychologist, counselling psychologist, child and adolescent psychotherapist and a family therapist.

Clinical direction and support is provided for all staff by highly qualified and experienced Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists and Clinical Psychologists including Dr Caroline Lindsey, Helena Cowan and Dr Carolyn Webber. 

Noa is supported by our team of around 46 volunteer mentors, who are a key component of the work we do.  To inquire about joining this team, please click here.


The Volunteers

Our volunteer mentors come from across the community, women who are as varied in their experiences, interests and passions as the girls at Noa. What they do have in common is their warmth, their willingness to listen, their acceptance and their belief in meeting each new person without judgement.  In our mentors, you will find a mixture of wisdom and fun, seriousness and silliness, caring and laughter, someone who is always in your corner and, together, provide a dedicated additional support to the girls at Noa.

Interested in joining our team?